Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ekeberg forever

Yippee - today my principal came and told me that they are going to give me a permanent position at my school. And he didn't say April Fool's! I am very happy about it. Nice to know that I have a job there as long as I want. Things are going really well these days. I'm finally over the hump and can truly say that I love being a teacher.

I'm celebrating this good news watching Norway's national football team play against Finland. And drinking a Corona.


molly said...

Congratulations Jill! As I am currently looking for a teaching position myself I really understand what relief this must bring you. You deserve it!

Casey said...

That's fantastic news Jill - congratulations. Forget the Corona, pop the bubbly!
And glad to hear that things have smoothed out too ... you've accomplished a very impressive feat!! I'm very proud of you.

gramma janny said...

I hope you know how proud of you I am!

Ross James said...

Congrats Jill! That's great news!