Sunday, April 19, 2009

Better than a trip to the dentist

Gaute's dad had a heart attack, but he's doing fine now. I tried several different introductions to this entry, but they either sounded too serious or too flippant, so I decided to go for the direct approach.

Grim had a mild heart attack at about 11 AM on Thursday, and he has been in the hospital since then. We freaked out a bit when we heard that he'd had a heart attack, but after we visited him on Friday, I'm not scared anymore. He was lucky that he was home, and the ambulance showed up within about 6-7 minutes. They were ready for him when he got to the hospital and put a shent (?) in to open up his clogged artery. We visited him Friday afternoon and he was up walking around and looked and seemed liked he was feeling pretty good. According to him, going to the dentist was worse than this heart attack, because he barely felt any pain at all (I think that might actually say more about his dentist than about the severity of his heart attack, actually...). Anyway, it was a bit of a scare, but according the results of the MRI, he will most likely be headed home in time for his birthday on Tuesday. Yea!!! Grim is such a great guy, liked by everyone.

No pictures of Grim in his hospital gown, but I do have a few pics of the kids. The first is of Johan with the big purchase he made at the big garage sale they have twice a year at his school. He came home with a ... golf bag and one golf club! He couldn't have been more pleased, he has big plans for playing golf with Granny this summer :-).

This one is of Espen working on his bike. Espen isn't really known around the house as one who likes to get his hands dirty (strange, as I love to get my hands dirty...). Gaute forced him out to change the tires on his bike today, though. He's had studded tires all winter, and now that the snow is FINALLY gone, it's time for the other tires to get back on there. Gaute had him put on the "handyman jumpsuit" that Gaute uses when doing various jobs around the house.


gramma janny said...

Please give our best to glad it turned out so well!

Grampa Keith said...

Glad to hear Grim is doing well - please give him my best wishes. I really enjoyed seeing them this last fall.
And I don't know if you plan on getting to the city when you visit, but if you do, tell Johan to bring his club! There is a great kids 3par in the park near the house.