Thursday, March 16, 2006

heia Lyn!

Lyn is without a doubt the best football team in Norway.

Johan is a big fan of Lyn, too - he got a Lyn uniform for his birthday. Espen and Anders also got Lyn uniforms for their birthdays, too. Espen is a member of Lyn's supporter club, Bastionen.

Here is Lyn's website in English. The 2006 season is starting in April, and Lyn's first home game is against their arch rivals Vålerenga (nobody who supports them speaks English, apparently, since they don't have an English website). Both Lyn and Vålerenga are Oslo teams, but Lyn is from the westside of Oslo and Vålerenga is from the eastside. And the westside is the best side.....
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