Monday, October 16, 2006

Drama at Ullevål stadium

We went to a soccer game last night - Lyn vs. Brann. We got free tickets - again - really good ones! Brann, which is the team from Bergen, was in 2nd place in the series. They haven't won the series for something like 45 years, and it was looking like they might have a chance this year. Lyn has been pretty middle-of-the-road this year. Everyone thought Brann would win, even though they were playing on Lyn's home field. BUT - Lyn won!! They played really well, and Brann played really bad...And, the Brann fans couldn't deal with that, and started throwing garbage on the field. The police were there, and were worried that a fight would break out after the game, so they had all of the Lyn supporters stay in their seats an extra 15 minutes after the game so that the Brann supporters could leave. Those soccer fans from Bergen are known for getting a little too into the game....

We were there with all three of the kids. The game wasn't over until 10:00, and the kids thought it was pretty exciting, with police and garbage and having to stay in our seats. And they also thought it was really cool that Lyn won!! And, I did, too.