Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Finally...some pictures from our trip to Bergen

Hi - I haven't had time to write much lately, and I know that some of my fans have been missing me...

I'm in the middle of a month of finals. I had one last week, one TODAY, one next week, and one in two weeks. I am really looking forward to summer vacation!

I promised to post some pictures from the confirmation we went to for Gaute's niece, Runa (his sister's oldest daughter) in Bergen. Unfortunately, my camera died on that trip, so I don't actually have any pictures of his niece. I do have some pictures from when were walking around Bergen with Gaute's brother and his kids. (But I took all of the pictures so there are none of me. Sorry, Molly.)

Gaute and Sindre at our hotel: Anders on the dock at our hotel with the famous Bergen wharf in the background. The boys with their cousin Roe searching for crabs and starfish.