Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I've been going on and on for the past few months about how I can't wait until next year when I can work part-time (80%). And, then today, I went in to my principal and told him that I changed my mind and that I want to work full-time after all! The reason I decided to do it, was that I find out yesterday that I will definitely have my own 3rd grade class next year, and I decided that if I am going to have my own class, then I want to be the one teaching them all the time. I talked to my colleagues about it, and they said that it's much easier when you have them all the time, rather than trying to work around what another teacher has done with them on your day off. The teaching position I will have next year will be very different from the one I have this year, where I'm teaching 6 different classes and constantly moving from one classroom to the next. I decided that I wanted to try out working full-time in this new kind of position next year and see how that works out. Nice not to go down in salary, too...

The weather has been gorgeous today - it feels so nice to be outside. The house had been closed up all day, so when I got home it felt really stuffy inside. It's been a while since it's felt too hot to be inside!

Not too much longer until I will be feeling that all the time, though...Only about 2 months until we're in California!!


Casey said...

Your own class!! That's very exciting! (With smart board?)
I'm so proud of you Jill - very impressive.
It was really hot here the last couple days - in the 80s (G) Everyone was out.


gramma janny said...

Great idea...not that you're really into control or anything...but it does seem it'll make everything easier and every year the boys are a year older...hopefully making everything run smoother.