Monday, April 06, 2009

Great trip

Gaute and I had a really great time in Gothenburg. It was the perfect little getaway for us. We were going to head down Saturday morning, but on Friday we decided there was no reason to wait, so we called the hotel to check that they had a room available for that night, dropped off the kids at Gaute's parents and headed out.

The hotel was super nice and in a great location. We parked the car on Friday night when we got there, and we didn't take it out again until we left on Sunday. Everything was right next to our hotel, more or less. I've been to Gothenburg two times before, but I appreciate it much more after this trip. Lots of really great restaurants (we at at this one on Saturday night) and great shopping. Did a lot of shopping on Saturday, and Gaute was the perfect shopping husband - stood quietly outside waiting for me (listening to music on his headphones), and then carried my bags for me when I came out. And no complaints!! Because of the exchange rate, things are about 20 % cheaper in Sweden than they are in Norway, and they have different stores and stuff, so it was pretty fun. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, too. A real warm and sunny spring day. There were people walking all over downtown and it was just really fun! I'm sure it won't be the last time we take a trip to Gothenburg. Only a 3 hour drive, and it feels like we're in a different country (oh, wait, we are...).

Today Gaute, who is not a teacher, had to work. The kids and I had the day off, though, and it was sooo nice. The nice weather in Gothenburg has made it up to Oslo, and the kids were out riding bikes and playing football today. And we got out the patio furniture and the barbecue this afternoon. Hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner - the first barbecue of the season!

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gramma janny said...

Glad you had such a great time.....and, Hey, Gaute's always the perfect husband!