Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Just another day

Not much going on today. Johan spent the night at a friend's house last night, and so far we've seen hide nor hair of him today. Espen is out on the football field with his friends - they usually bring a ball with them as an alibi, but it's actually the place to hang out and meet friends. Always someone up at Korsvollbanen. Anders had me drive him to the store earlier today so that he could spend some of his money. He's been saving for a while, and he finally decided to use it to buy a new football and jersey. He was pretty happy with his purchases - and headed right up to the football field, of course. He ran into a friend up there, and the two of them headed over to his friend's house.

Gaute is working today, but from his home office in the basement, so he's been popping his head up every now and then to say hi. Like he said, traffic was light on the way to work this morning ;-)

I've been spending the day trying to get various things organized around the house. Sorted out my sweaters and got rid of many that I don't use anymore. Now and I can actually see the ones I do use!

I just put a carrot cake in the oven. We have about a million carrots, since we've been subscribing to this organic fruit and vegetables thing and never use up all of the carrots. I actually cancelled the subscription this week, since the fun has sort of worn off, and I feel like I'm spending a lot of money on stuff that's not getting used. What on Earth shall I do with all of the money I save??

For dinner, I'm making a stir-fry so that I can use up some of the other veggies in the fridge. Sounds yummy - and easy!

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gramma janny said...

I used to love days like you described......enjoy!