Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long live Google Maps!

I was playing around on Google maps today, and I saw that they have street views for Ketchum now. And I found our old house. Pretty fun to see it - and if you move the shot around, you can see the hill across the street, and the house that good old John is STILL working on!

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Casey said...


Casey said...

Wow - I like the pavers. Got real tired of hitting river rocks with the snow blower! And no cottonwood tree anymore. But the birch trees are still there (Granny?) and the aspen + some. and of course John!! Some things just don't change!

gramma janny said...

Wow...the house looks great! So many wonderful memories there.
Who is Casey?

Casey said...

Casey = K.C. - a screen name picked up from Google which the bolgspot insisted on using. Hence the test.

Yes, lots of great memories there !!