Sunday, February 01, 2009

Back in the saddle

I really want to try to start updating my blog again. It's fun to keep everyone else informed about what's going on around here, but, even more important, it's nice to have as a journal of our life. It's so much fun looking back at the pictures and reading about what we've done. So - here's to a fresh start!

I've spent the last few hours online, making reservations for our trip to the states this summer. We're going to California first, then heading over to Salt Lake, then Zion's and Bryce, before we finally make it down to San Diego. It's always such a relief to finally make up my mind for which dates and which flights are best and then make the reservation! This year, the kids and I are flying into San Francisco on the 23rd of June, a few days after the last day of school. Gaute will join us in Foresthill on July 2nd (just in time for Granny's fun 3rd of July party). Then sometime around the middle of July (not quite sure of the dates) we'll head out to Utah and then down to San Diego where we'll spend about 4 days before flying back home on the July 31. Should be a fun trip - we're all so excited!! It always amazes Gaute and me how excited the kids are for our trips to California. They talk about it all year long - definitely the highlight of their year!!

I also bought tickets today for a little mini-cruise to Kiel, Germany for February 16th. They have a relatively new car ferry which is basically like a cruise ship which travels between Oslo and Kiel, and the kids (and their mom ;-)) have been wanting to take a trip. Prices were pretty low right now, so I made a reservation for the week of winter vacation. Gaute has to work, so it will just be me and the kids, which is probably just as well, as I don't think it's exactly Gaute's dream vacation. We leave on Monday at two in the afternoon and arrive in Kiel at 10 the next morning. Then we have 4 hours to wander around there before we leave for Oslo again, arriving home at 10 in the morning on Wednesday. The kids cannot wait!!

This Friday, Espen and I are headed to London (love that travelling...). Just a little weekend trip, from Friday evening until Sunday evening, but I think we'll have a fun time. I've booked a guided tour of Wembley Stadium, where the English national soccer team plays their games, and he's pretty psyched about that...

Hmmm, when I read what I've written, it's nothing more than a list of all of the trips I'm going on. But I guess that's what's on my mind right now... Still have one more reservation to make soon - tickets to California at the end of September for Tess' wedding...

Now, it's 4 o'clock on Sunday evening, and I haven't even thought about what to make for dinner...Time to get started on that! (And only an hour until an important soccer game - Liverpool vs. Chelsea...)


gramma janny said...

Yeah!!!I've missed your blog.....I love it!

Tessly Mnemonic said...

Hey Jill,
September 26 is THE day. I just sent in the permit paperwork for the grove today.
Love, Tess