Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is over - in fact 2008 is almost over. It's hard to believe how long a year lasted when I was a kid. Now I blink my eyes and then it's over. We've had a nice Christmas. Santa was very nice to everyone (I'm writing this on my new iPhone). The kids got stuff they needed, like skis and long underwear, and stuff they wanted, like a new Playstation 3.

For the next week or so, they'll be using the outdoorsy stuff more than the electronic stuff, because we're headed up to our NO PC/NO PLAYSTATION zone - the cabin. I can't wait. we'll be up there for about a week and when we're up there we really relax. And I love our New Year's Eve tradition of eating fondue by candlelight when it's cold and snowy outside.


Tessly Mnemonic said...

Wish I was there for New Years Eve with you guys! Sounds like a ton of fun, albeit a bit cheesy...hahaha. Writing from my new iPhone too. Woohoo!

gramma janny said...

How glad you share my love of all things cozy!