Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to the orthoptist today

I haven't written anything about Espen's eyes for a long time, mostly because everything seemed to be all better. Last year around this time, he had a final checkup with the orthoptist. At that time, everything seemed to be about as good as could be expected. He was no longer seeing double, and his eyes were close to normal.

In December, Espen told us that starting in about September or so, he had been seeing double again. Not all of the time - he usually manages to converge his vision so he only sees one image, but several times every day, he couldn't do it. He told us that he wanted us to make an appointment with the hospital again to have them check it out.

We did call them and got an appointment for today. The orthoptist who had been seeing him all along has retired within the last year, so there was a new one, but she seemed to know all about Espen and his case history. While we were there, Espen was not seeing double (of course...), but she did all of the tests and said that his eyes actually seem somewhat better than when they had done the same tests a year ago (at which time he was not seeing double either). She is not sure (surprise, surprise) why this has started up again, but wants the opthamologist who operated on him to see him and give here opinion. So, on March 25th, we have a new appointment with the opthamologist and then in 6 months we'll go back to the orthoptist. I'm very happy that he's back in the system at least so that they will keep track of him and see how things are going. I don't want him to have any more surgery, but I want to make sure that they do all they can to make his vision as good as possible!

Gaute is in Stockholm this week - he left early this morning and will be back Friday afternoon. Since I had to take Espen to the doctor, I left work early. His appointment was at 12 and we were done by 1, so I've had the whole afternoon off. So nice!! It's a nice sunny day, and Espen and I did some grocery shopping and then stopped by school to pick up Johan. Johan was so happy, because I never pick him up at school anymore...Anders just got home from school with a friend in tow, so now they're hard at "work" on the Playstation.

This evening, my friends Annika and Maria are coming over for dinner and a chat. We always have a little get together to celebrate each other's birthdays. Annika's birthday was on January 16th, and we haven't been able to get together before now. I bought some good crusty sourdough bread and I'm going to make a vegetable soup to go with it. We usually go out somewhere when we meet, but it will be fun to have them over here today.

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gramma janny said...

So sorry to hear about Espen...I'd hoped that was all behind will be good for him to be in the "system"...keeping an eye on him.