Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ut på tur, aldri sur

A common saying in Norwegian is "ut på tur, aldri sur" - roughly translated - out on a hike (skiing, biking, etc.), never sad. For most Norwegians, spending their Sundays out in the forest is an important part of their week. And as good Norwegians (or wannabe Norwegians) we try to adhere to this as often as possible.

This last Sunday, we even got Kari and Grim to go with us. The weather was gorgeous - a nice crisp fall day. We weren't alone out there, but we ended up at a little lake by ourselves. Kari and Grim had taken donuts with them, and I had made shortbread cookies and hot chocolate, so we had a nice little picnic up there.

We went on a hike two weeks ago, also. Unfortunately, we didn't make it out last weekend, because it was pouring rain, and, more importantly, Gaute and I went to a party Saturday night and were pretty tired on Sunday. The week before that, we hiked up to the top of a hill not so far from our house.

Blogger is having some problems right now, so I can't upload the pictures from that day, but I'll try to do it later.

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Grandma said...

A hike on a beautiful fall day....and donuts!!! Life doesn't get any better!