Friday, November 09, 2007

Almost Molly's birthday

My little sister Molly is turning 22 on Monday, and I'm dedicating this blog entry to her.

Molly was not even 2-years-old when I went away to college, so we've never lived together. Since there is a 16-year age difference, you would think that we didn't have much in common and didn't speak to each other very often. But we do.

Molly spent the summer with us here in Norway, and it was so much fun. We did lots of fun stuff (despite the worst summer weather in 40 years, or something like that), and we all miss having her around. She has been talking a bit about coming back and staying here again next year, and we were all so excited!

I love you and miss you, Molly, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!


Anonymous said...

i thought such age gaps amongst siblings exist only in India~ But nice to see those blogs. . real cute pictures accompanying them makes it look even better!! kudos!

Mom said...

It makes me so happy to see you guys enjoy each other...the best a Mom can ever hope for!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that last picture Jill- what a nice birthday gift!