Monday, December 28, 2009

Off to the cabin

Christmas is over. It was, as usual, a high-technological Christmas for the Langaas family. Two iPhones, two mini-laptops and a Wii. No one has any reason to complain, at least. And thankfully, they're not.

Unfortunately for them, we have a low-tech cabin, where no laptops or game consoles are allowed. (Actually, iPhones are allowed, though. And we do have a TV and DVD player there.) The plan for the next few days is to do lots of skiing and relaxing. Everyone got new books, too, so there will be reading.

We are going to celebrate New Year's the same way we have since we got the cabin. A yummy dinner of cheese fondue followed by bottle rockets and other cool fireworks in the snow. It's almost always super cold up there this week after Christmas, and it's supposed to be just as cold this year. And sunny and nice. With lots of snow. Should be a good week.

We'll be back on Saturday - and then back to work/school on Monday. Two weeks vacation isn't that much, actually.

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