Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas play

Just got home after a 12-hour day at school. Whew - I'm pretty worn out. Not feeling good today, either, which makes a long day that much worse.

But - my class had their Christmas play today, and it went really well. They did a great job - I was really proud of them. I think they had a lot of fun, too! The parents had cake and coffee with them, so we hung around and chatted for about an hour afterwards while the kids ran around, and it was nice getting to know people a bit better. It seems like they're pretty happy with me and with how things are going in the class, which is always nice to hear :-). I got a very nice gift from everyone, too. On evenings like this, it's fun to be a teacher!!

Things weren't going quite as well when I got home. All of the kids have now gotten the swine flu vaccine at school, Anders and Johan yesterday, and Espen today. And they're all feeling pretty bad because of it. Both Anders and Johan woke up crying early this morning because the arm that got the shot was hurting so much, and Espen was also in pain this evening. They're vaccinated for the greater good of the community, though!

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Keith said...

Congratulations on a successful play and end to the year! You're such a dedicated teacher - it must feel great to get such positive confirmation from that!

Sorry to hear about the kids - wish them a speedy recovery!

Love, Dad