Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve

It's been snowing hard since I woke up this morning. Very Christmas-like in Oslo this Christmas Eve. I got the rest of the baking done this morning, now I just have some presents to wrap and then I can relax. I recorded Christmas Vacation last night, so I think I'm going to force the kids to watch it with me. It's important that they're familiar with all of Chevy Chase's greatest works.

Yesterday, while Gaute was "working", I took the kids to see A Christmas Carol. I really liked it a lot, but Anders and Johan thought it was pretty scary. Johan held my hand through most of the film, and Anders had his eyes closed a lot of the time. We saw the 3D version, but what I didn't think about until we got there, was that 3D is not easy for Espen. His eyes can't focus well enough to be able to get the 3D effect. The movie actually looked better without the glasses on than with them. And if you've ever watched a 3D movie without the glasses on, then you can imagine how much fun it was for Espen.

The plan is to go see Avatar on the 26th, and I think we'll see the 2D version.

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