Sunday, December 06, 2009

Home alone weekend

It's Sunday evening and I'm just waiting for the potatoes to finish up so that we can eat dinner. Swedish meatballs, boiled potatoes and broccoli for dinner. With a bit of lingonberry relish on the side. Very Scandinavian (think IKEA).

Gaute and the boys were up at our cabin this weekend. They got back a few hours ago, and it seems like they had a good time. There's a lot of snow up there right now, so they had a nice x-country ski trip yesterday. That is, everyone except Espen, who claimed that his arm was still bothering him after he got the swine flu vaccine. He kind of lucked out on this trip, because he had a semi-legitimate excuse for not going skiing.

I stayed home, because we had our work Christmas party on Saturday. Since Gaute and the kids left Friday afternoon, I had the whole weekend to myself. Heaven! It's not often that I get to be alone these days.

The Christmas party last night was a lot of fun. But, in true Norwegian style, everyone drank way too much and the party didn't break up until the early morning hours, so today I've been lying on the sofa watching back to back episodes of Big Love and eating frozen pizza. Ah, yes, quite the Sunday!

Back to work tomorrow. Only this week and next week and then it's 2 weeks of Christmas vacation. Yea!! These next two weeks are pretty low maintenance, too. Not much planning that needs to be done from my side. Lots of Christmassy events, which should be a lot of fun!

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gramma janny said...

YAAA for weekends alone !!! You so deserved it !