Saturday, May 16, 2009


Tomorrow is the 17th of May...Duh...But the reason that is important is that it is Norway's national holiday. So tomorrow we break out the Norwegian flags, get dressed up and celebrate! Should be fun - the day starts with a parade from the kids' school and then brunch at Gaute's parents' house. Gaute's brother, Sindre, and his kids are visiting, so it will be a bigger event than usual. I hope the weather is okay, we just had a big rain shower, but hopefully all of the clouds will be gone by tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the weather will be better than last year, regardless, since it was SNOWING on the 17th of May last year.

Tonight is the finale of the European Song Contest (see this blog post). Big excitement...Sindre and family are coming over tonight. We're going to barbecue (apparently in the rain...) and then settle down to watch the big event.

I came across this article and this article, and I have to say that I'm happy I live in the first place. I just wish the rest of my family did, too.


Casey said...

Norway has plenty to celebrate about !! Consistently # 1 or 2 in standard of living, etc.

Here's a toast to Norway!!!

Casey said...

hey, I remember that roof- I tipped over even before imbibing!

gramma janny said...

Yeah....we're screwed!!!