Thursday, March 13, 2008

Litt av hvert

Just a few things -

Korsvoll school had a dodgeball tournament for the oldest kids, and Anders' class made it to the final round yesterday - the first time a 4th grade class has ever made it to the final! They lost the game to the 7th graders they were playing against (not Espen's class), but it was extremely close. The 7th graders all came up to them afterwards and congratulated them and said they had played really well. And the 4th graders walked around with huge grins on their faces for the rest of the day!

On Tuesday, Lynus Club had a big kick-off since the Norwegian football season starts at the end of the month. The kids got pizza and they got to meet all of the players in this season's lineup. Big excitement! They made a video and put it up on their website. If you look carefully you can see Anders, Johan and me. Espen was their, too, but he was a bit too cool to be walking around with us.

I took Espen to the orthodontist today. Last time he was at the dentist, she recommended that we make an appointment for him with an orthodontist since his bite was a bit off on one side in the back. The orthodontist said that the problem was minimal, and that he might not need braces at all, but if he does it will only be on a few back teeth. Espen was very happy - I guess he thought that he was going to walk out of their today with a full set of braces on his teeth.

I had a great interview yesterday. I really liked the school a lot, and it seems like they really liked me. They said that they'll let me know either way on the 28th of March. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But- I have another interview in a few minutes with another school which also seems really good, so we'll see what happens....

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