Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn break

I'm not dead! I've just been busy, and updating my blog has not been my top priority. But, it's vacation here in the north. The school's have a week off next week, and the teachers do, too. Yea!!

We're headed up to our cabin in a short while. Just waiting for the Friday night pizza to finish up in the oven. Then, when we're done with dinner we'll head up. The weather looks gorgeous up there right now, so it should be fun. We'll head back down again on Tuesday, since Gaute can't take too much time off work (he already had a 5 week vacation this summer!), and Espen wants to be home for his birthday on Thursday.

Here are a few pictures from a trip Anders, Johan and I took with Anders' class and their families. It was up in the mountains, but different mountains than the ones at our cabin. We had a fun time, and the weather was gorgeous on that trip, too. Nothing like the mountains in the fall!

The view from the cabin we stayed at.

A view of the cabin we stayed at.

Anders and Johan by the lake below the cabin.

On our way back down the mountain.

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gramma janny said...

What an awesome place ! Pearl's funeral was very "nice and afterwards we went over to Al's so I was able to visit with everyone....they all send their love.