Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Foresthill, post-wedding

Still attempting to get through with posting pictures from our summer vacation, and I've moved on to some shots from northern California after Tess's wedding. (Beware, there are a lot of pictures here!)

Two of the cousins getting things organized at the Cousin's Club Hole.


Josh was worn out after the big festivities the day before.

The next day was the big film shoot. Picking the appropriate costume was fun..

And we're ready to roll...lights, camera, ACTION!

The next day was boys day out - climbing, of course.

Grunky came up for lunch one day.

And after he left, we broke out Catch Phrase - the best game ever!

Anders made sure to get in some quality time with Jenny before we left.

Sad goodbyes the day we left.

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