Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost Friday

It's Thursday - almost done with the first back-to-school week. Things have gone pretty well. I love having my own class this year. And what a great class I have! They have been so good - it's been really fun having them. They can talk a little bit too much sometimes, but they're all really sweet and polite and nice to each other.

And my days at school are so much more calm. It's so nice to have just one class to concentrate on. If I don't get something done one hour, I can get it done the next hour, or the next day. Everything seems so much easier. It's probably a bit because I've been working at the school for a year already and know the ropes a bit better, too.

The kids are back to their football games and orienteering practice. This week, Espen has football training 3 days, games 2 days and he's going away for a tournament this weekend. Seven days of football!

Everything would actually be going quite well, except for the fact that I decided to have a 40th birthday party after all. We were at a friend's 40th birthday party last weekend, and I got inspired. It is fun to have an excuse to get friends together. Gaute and I are not very good at having people over, so we kind of need a push to do it. So - I sent out invitations and invited about 40 people for next Saturday, the 29th. And it seems like most people are coming. It's kind of a mixture of friends from work, friends from our neighborhood, and friends who I've known for a while. Should be fun - except WHAT THE HELL! I'm going to have 30-35 people here next Saturday, I've been busy every day and night this week, meaning that I have nothing done for the party. I'm going to cater the food - just have a buffet which doesn't need to be kept warm - otherwise I would lose my mind. And, I'm asking some people to bring cakes so I don't have to worry about that. But still, there's a lot that needs to be organized. I think we'll need to rent tables and chairs and I need to get some kind of tableclothes and decorations. Not to mention enough plates and napkins and silverware for everyone. And, around here, you can't have a party without coffee, so I need to figure out how to do the whole coffee thing. And the alcohol, got to have enough alcohol. I'm sure it will work out somehow, but I really need to get pretty much everything done this weekend. I kind of wonder what I was thinking - but I'm sure it will be a lot of fun! I'm glad so many can come!

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