Sunday, August 17, 2008

School starts tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Espen will be starting his first year of junior high (8th grade), Anders will be in 5th grade and Johan in 3rd grade. And I will be a teacher... I think we're all pretty excited about tomorrow. The kids have their backpacks all ready to go and their outfits picked out for tomorrow. I don't have my outfit picked out yet, but that's next on my list after updating my blog! I don't feel stressed at all right now, Sunday evening at 7 pm. All summer I've been thinking that I would be totally freaking out the night before school started, but I feel very calm and collected. At this point I'm really happy that I'm just an "extra" teacher and not the main teacher for any classes. Much less stress...

What will be strange is working full-time, though. Next week it's going to be pretty crazy around here, I think. Gaute was gone all last week, and now he found out that he has to go up to northern Sweden early tomorrow morning, and he will be there until Friday afternoon. Which means that I will be home alone with the kids - and all the 3 football games and 5 football practices they will be going to in the evenings. I think we've got it all worked out, though, so everything should go pretty well. The only thing that kind of sucks is that I have to leave about an hour before the kids tomorrow morning on the first day of school. They're not worried about it all, though, so I'm sure everything will go fine. The kids think it's pretty exciting that I've started working now and that Gaute has a "real" job where he has to go on business trips and stuff. Friday night, Anders announced that he'd changed his mind and instead of being a waiter (!), he wanted to be a businessman like Pappa.

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gramma janny said...

I hope everything went smoothly...I know you've been busy so haven't wanted to call, but always thinking of you all!