Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kids off to Ørsta

Tonight the kids are heading off to Gaute's parents' cabin in Ørsta, on the west coast. They're taking an overnight bus with Gaute's mom. I'm not quite sure how that will go, but she keeps telling us that the bus trip is great (she's done it many times), and we don't really want to drive them up there - and plane tickets are really expensive right now. The kids are pretty excited. The cabin is right on a lake, and they have a little row boat up there and go out fishing every evening. And one of Gaute's cousins has a bigger fishing boat which they take out on the ocean, too. They'll probably be up there about a week - no definite plans at this point.

I start working on Monday! I'm excited - but a little bit nervous. School doesn't actually start until the 18th, so that first week I'm working will just be planning. Actually Monday and Tuesday, all of the teachers at the school will be off on an overnight course to discuss some timely educational issue. I think it should be kind of fun - a good way to get to know my new colleagues.

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