Friday, August 08, 2008

Fantastic birthday

As I mentioned yesterday, Gaute had told me that he had made reservations at a nice restaurant. When he got home from work, he told that the restaurant was Statholdergaarden, one of the very best restaurants in Oslo. Gaute actually knows the owner/chef as they used to do orienteering together, but neither of us had been there before. It's not exactly the kind of place you just pop into on a whim. It was expensive, but the food was incredible. We really went for it and got the 6 course menu of the day with accompanying wines. It was a 4 hour meal, with new courses and wines showing up all of the time, one better than the other. It was so good and so much fun!

Gaute also showed up with a pair of diamond earrings for me yesterday. When we got married, he gave me some diamond earrings and I lost one of them when Espen was a baby. Gaute has always talked about replacing them, and now he did.

These were pretty big birthday gifts this year, but last week was our 15th anniversary, which we hadn't celebrated yet. Nor had my dear husband ever done anything to celebrate the fact that I got my 2nd bachelor's degree and a job. So now we rolled everything up into one big blowout!

But - that's not all... We also found out yesterday that the offer we made on a studio apartment was accepted! Gaute has been talking for years about investing in real estate, and now the time just seemed to be right. So, we put in an offer on a little 300 square foot apartment up the street from us, which we can rent out. We'll be taking out a loan to finance the purchase, but the rental income will pretty much cover the mortgage payment, and slowly but surely we will be building equity in it.

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