Friday, July 18, 2008

Home again!

We're back in Norway. The flight home went well, but it's always so much more grueling to fly east than it is to fly west. A long day is easier than a short night. The kids slept quite a bit on the plane, though, and when they weren't sleeping, they were happily occupied with watching movies and cartoons on the inflight entertainment system. Virgin Atlantic is great when it comes to entertainment! The kid's meal was even good this time. Mac and cheese, string cheese, carrot sticks, raisins and Scooby snacks.

It was raining when we landed at Gardermoen yesterday, but it's fairly nice weather today. Partly cloudy and 66 degrees. Typical Norwegian summer weather...

I've spent the morning unpacking, but I still have a bit to go. The trick is finding space for all of the things I bought!

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