Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

For the last two weeks, I've been at my mom's house in California. It's been a strange two weeks. There have been hundreds of fires in northern California, and the smoke from them was intense last week. It looked like everything was covered in fog, but it was smoke. Hanging out in the pool has not been very appealing. But spending time in stores has been great.

This week has been much nicer, though. And just in time, because Josh and his family arrived last Sunday. We have had a really fun, busy time. Our kids have SOOO much fun together. I love being able to get them together.

Today is the fourth of July - lots of fun and games as usual. Right now there are 20 of us up here at Mom's and Jim's house. The musicians in the family (Josh, Dan, Jim and Denny) are jamming on their respective instruments and the rest of us are hanging out and enjoying being together. A big game of Catch Phrase is scheduled for later this afternoon.

Fun, fun, fun....

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gaute said...

You lucky guys - Here in Oslo we have now 10 degree C and rain showers. And no forest fires! Have fun.