Sunday, May 25, 2008


When we were up at our cabin at Easter, I managed to leave my iPod up there. I use my iPod A LOT, so it was somewhat of a crisis. I took back the old one that I had given to Anders, but I've been really missing my good little Nano. And I really needed to get it back before we leave for California. Since every weekend until we leave on vacation is filled with various activities, Gaute decided to take a quick trip up to the cabin this weekend.

I've been doing my usual - sitting in front of the computer with a stack of books by my side - so I didn't feel like I could go. Espen definitely didn't want to go if I didn't "have to" go. And Anders decided he'd rather stay home, too. Which left Johan, who wanted to go, but not if Anders was staying home. So Gaute told him he could bring a friend, and he was so excited!!!! He invited his current best friend, Benjamin. Anders and Gaute were at an orienteering race yesterday until about 1, and Gaute, Johan and Benjamin left after that. They're headed back again today, so it's a short trip. But they found my iPod!! There's quite a bit of snow still up at our cabin - here's the picture Gaute took with the webcam up at there yesterday.

Since it was just the big boys and me left here at home, we decided to do something fun, too. We went out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe here in Oslo. I've been to the Hard Rock in Paris, Washington, D.C. and New York, but never here. I thought they would think it was pretty cool, and they did. Lots of cool rock-n-roll artifacts and music videos playing throughout the meal. And they even had a kid's menu, so Anders could have his favorite, "mac and cheese from restaurant".

After dinner, we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. They had just recently shown the three first movies on TV here, so they knew all about Indiana Jones. It was a pretty exciting movie - we liked it a lot. All together, it was a pretty fun evening. (As long as I try not to think about how much it cost...)

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Anonymous said...

Wow....what fun...wish I could've gone with you!
Love, Mom