Friday, May 16, 2008

This weekend

Johan had another football game last night. He was goalie (we say keeper) again. He is a natural! He did such a good job. I was really proud of him. He and Anders have spent many hours up at the football field (Korsvollbanen) kicking the ball around, and the results are showing up now.

This is a pretty big weekend. Tomorrow is the 17th of May - Norway's Consitution Day. Kind of like Norway's 4th of July. The day will be just as crazy as it always is when you have 3 kids in elementary school. We have to be up at the school by 8 am when they raise the flag. Then there's a parade around the school, followed by the big parade downtown. Then in the afternoon there's a big to-do at the school. We're all pretty worn out by the end of the day.

Tonight is a big game - Lyn against Stabæk. Stabæk is currently ranked as the number one team in Norway, and Lyn is number three (!) so it should be a good game. The 16th of May is a big football day in Norway. All of the teams play against each other, and it's fun to go to the games.

Espen won't be joining us at the Lyn game because he's playing a game himself. His team is in a cup, and the game starts an hour after the Lyn game. Kari and Grim are going to go watch him, and Gaute and the boys and i should be able to catch the last half hour or so.

Time to go make some cookies and cakes for tomorrow!

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