Thursday, May 15, 2008


Johan has a set of twins in his class, a girl and a boy (Axel and Siri), and they had a birthday party yesterday. They invited the whole class, and they asked the girls to dress up as boys and the boys to dress up as girls. The girls had no problem dressing up as boys, but not all of the boys wanted to wear dresses. Many of them did, though, including Johan. He makes such a cute girl!

In other news, Gaute was lying pretty low last night after getting one of his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday afternoon. He's had a sore tooth for about a week or so, and finally went to the dentist yesterday. A chip of his wisdom tooth had come off, and underneath it was a big hole! The dentist decided it was best to take it out before the whole tooth broke off. He saved the tooth and brought it home, and it was not a pretty sight!

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Anonymous said... beautiful you are!! Nice outfit, too!
Hope Gaute's feeling better...ouch!!
Love, Mom