Thursday, November 16, 2006


The day has nearly arrived for my big excursion to York, England. All of the students from my English class are going to be spending two weeks there, at the Norwegian Study Centre. During the last few weeks I have been dreading the trip more and more, mostly because I don't want to be away from the kids for that long, but also because I've had a lot going on with school, and have felt pretty overwhelmed. Yesterday I finished the last paper which was due before my trip, and finally felt like I could start thinking about going. And now I'm pretty excited.

Everyone who has been to York says that it is beautiful. It is, apparently, the second most visited city in England after London. I'm travelling with four women from my class who I have a lot of fun with. We're renting a car together, which means that I get to try out driving on the left side of the road :-O. We have also rented an apartment together - Click on Riversmead on the lefthandside of the page - that's where we're staying.

We're going to be there for two weeks with a car and an apartment. We can drive around and explore a bit of the countryside. We can also go to the grocery stores and buy food - I think that will be pretty fun. Not to mention hanging out at pubs. Our apartment has a washing machine, too - yea!

Yesterday I bought Wuthering Heights which I'm going to read again. I'm finally going to see the Yorkshire moors.

I'm going to miss my family, and I'm sure they'll miss me, too. My cell phone bill will undoubtedly be huge. But now I'm looking forward to, rather than dreading my trip!


Mom said...

Looks beautiful, jilly....I know you'll have a wonderful time...enjoy Wuthering Heights once again!!

TRexALot said...

Wow, Jill! I had no idea you were going to England for 2 weeks!!! Neato.
While you should definitely read Wuthering Heights, I also suggest a more recently published book: Possession by A.S.(??) Byatt. It is a very good read and part of the book is set somewhat close to York --- a bit further north, I think, but still close. Highly recommended.
How fun! I am jealous. If I was rich, I would come meet you there. Alas, I am not rich. However, you may donate right now if you would like to help. Email for my routing number, if you please.