Sunday, November 19, 2006

What a dad

I'm leaving for York in just a few hours, but I wanted to write one last blog praising my husband. It occurred to me today that if Gaute was leaving for 2 weeks and leaving me alone with the kids right now, I would be doing a lot of complaining. Especially considering the fact that we are responsible for planning a "European evening" for Espen's class on Tuesday. But Gaute has not said one word. If anyone has been complaining, it has been me, because I have so much to do before I leave.

Gaute is taking it all in stride, and I think he's looking forward to being alone with the kids for 2 weeks. This morning he changed Espen's sheets and discovered that the stitching was coming undone on his duvet. He then whipped out the sewing machine and fixed it. I've been looking at that stitching for a long time, without ever doing anything about it.

I'm looking forward to my trip. I am really going to miss everyone, but I am not worried about them. They're in good hands.

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TRexALot said...

Praise, Tookie! Your hubby is sewing??!!? And you get to live in York for awhile?!!? I am very impressed. I will be sending over some of my clothes that need mending ---- Gus, just think of those clothes as a Xmas present.