Thursday, November 23, 2006

Live from York

Just a quick update - I'm writing this from York. I'm having a great time. It is beautiful here. Everyone you turn are beautiful old buildings. And so many great stores. They have the Gap and Borders, for example....

The apartment we rented is really nice. It's nicer than our house, actually, and in a great location. I'm so glad we decided to rent it. The people staying in the dorms are hating it.

The course that we're taking is fabulous. All of the professors are so good, and everything is so interesting.

And one last thing - the food here. I can get English muffins, and good sharp Cheddar cheese. And in the sandwich shop next to the school, they sell individual sized custard pies!

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TRexALot said...

I just bought a big 'ole block of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese at Costco last night. And some Clif bars. Anyway, sounds like your trip is going really well. I think that apartment is certainly superior to dorm and commend you for your prescient choice to rent the apartment. Are you charging people to sleep on your couch? I would consider that option --- Money = More crap from Gap and Borders. When I go to the UK, I want to go to Topshop. Oh yeah.