Monday, June 16, 2008

Street urchins

The kids' clothes are not looking great these days. I've been trying to put off buying them things, because I know that in California everything costs about half what it does here in Oslo. Thus, Anders is going around with big holes in his tennis shoes. Gaute decided to go all out with the white trash look yesterday when he DUCK-TAPED the holes on Saturday!

Espen has grown out of just about everything he owns, so he will basically be getting an entire new wardrobe this summer. I think I will scream if I see him in his black fleece sweatpants one more time! I tried to take a picture of him yesterday, but I all I got was, "Talk to the hand!"

Our warm, beautiful summer weather is gone. The huge amounts of sunshine we got the last few weeks, followed now by the rain has resulted in gorgeous flowers in the yard, though.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Anders is just "shaping" up for Foresthill!!
Beautiful flowers...and you don't even have to water!
Love, Grandma