Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Only 2 more days

My last final is on Friday, at 9:45 in the morning. When that's done, then I'm done. I will officially be a teacher!! I am so excited to be done with college. Looking forward to a spring with no finals.... Everyone keeps telling me that these last 4 years have gone by quickly, and they have in a lot of ways, but in other ways I feel like I've been studying for tests or writing papers forever.

For those of you who think I talk way too much about football, you can stop reading here :-D. Tonight Lyn is playing against the local team, Korsvoll, right up the street at our local soccer field. In addition to the football series in Norway, they also have a tournament. While in the series, teams play against other teams in their same league, in the tournament, teams from different leagues can play against each other. Thus, Lyn, which is in the elite league is going to be playing against Korsvoll, which is in the 2nd division league (the 1st division is between the two leagues). Whoever wins the game goes on to the next game in the tournament, and the winner is out of the running. Lyn will undoubtedly win tonight, but it will be a fun game, regardless.

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