Thursday, February 28, 2008

Searching for a job

I've started sending out some job applications now. I've applied to five schools here in Oslo that sound interesting, and then today I also sent a letter and my resume to a school nearby where I did my student teaching a few years ago. They haven't announced that they're looking for teachers, but I thought that it doesn't hurt to let them know I'm interested. I'll probably do the same thing for other schools that I'm particularly interested in.

A friend of mine who lives about an hour outside of Oslo applied for 9 schools in her school district. The application deadline was on Friday the 22nd, and today she got calls from 3 different schools who are interested in having her come in for an interview. Hopefully something similar will happen to me!!

I'm pretty much obsessed with this job thing, and I know I won't relax until I have a job!

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