Friday, October 26, 2007


It's Friday afternoon! And we're going to a party tomorrow night. Some of the parents are arranging a party for the parents of all of the kids who are in 4th grade. More than 70 people will be there. They had the party last year, too, and it was really fun. They rent the football clubhouse which is just up the street, everyone takes food with them, and they hire a dj who plays really cool 80's music ;-). It was a blast last year, so I hope it lives up to our expectations this year, too!

The two little guys are going up to Gaute's parents to spend the night on Saturday, but Espen and his friend Jacob are going to be home alone here. I think they are pretty excited - big plans for frozen pizza, chips, Coke and a DVD...A 12-year-old's dream evening!

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