Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day 4 (Day 3 kind of disappeared)

Espen is doing much, much better. He's at the point now where it is fun to be home from school. The fact that I bought him a new Play Station game yesterday helped a lot, I think :). The kids from his class stopped by this afternoon with a big Get Well card they had made at school, and that lifted his spirits, too. They were all jealous of him - it was so boring at school!

Johan had a dentist appointment today. No cavities!! He thought everything was so exciting - he couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. And then he got a prize when it was time to go. A little green plastic toy - he loves little crap like that. He was very happy.

Anders is on his way home from school now. Last summer, a family moved in next door who has two boys the same ages as Anders and Johan. Johan and the youngest boy, Sander, go in the same class, but they're not best friends. Anders and Sebastian don't go in the same class, but they are best friends. They have so much fun together. They both like being outside and building forts out of crap they find laying around. And riding their bikes around the neighborhood. I'm really happy for Anders to have such a good friend next door. Most of the boys in his class would rather be inside playing video games, and that's not really Anders' thing.


grandma said...

Yea!!! You're feeling better. I'm thinking about you everyday.

grandma said...

All most forgot..congratulations on your dentist appointment, Johan...that's great! Tell me about the toy they gave you.
Anders...that's very cool you have a friend so close to your house and I really love it that you're an "outdoor" boy!!