Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 2

Poor Pepperoni...His eyes are really hurting him. We just got back from a checkup at the hospital. They took off the bandage and checked his eyes. Everything looks okay, considering. Before this operation, he was seeing double of everything - two images which were above each other AND next to each other. This operation was to make it so that he doesn't see the images above each other, and it seems like it did the trick. They couldn't check all that much today, because it hurt so much. They still need to do another surgery, though, to make it so that he doesn't see the images next to each other. Espen started crying when they told him that. The first operation he had barely hurt at all, and none of us were expecting this one to be much either. It was much worse, though. I asked the doctor about it, and she said that they don't tell people that it is going to be much worse, because it often isn't. Plus, this was worse than they thought it would be, because one of the muscles they were operating on was much further back than it should have been, which meant that they had to move his eye around a bit to get to it (eeewww...). He is not in an abnormal amount of pain, though, and it will be getting better all the time. He has another appointment next week, and they'll do a more thorough check of his vision then.

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grandma said...

Espen...so sorry it hurt so much, but I'm sure it's worth it all. I proud of you and how well you've handled all of this.