Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First day of school

One thing that happened in August which was very exciting was that Johan started school. He was very excited, and he really likes it a lot! On the first day, all of the first graders meet up in front of the school, and the principal (far right) calls the kids names one by one, and they come up and shake hands with the principal, and then with their teacher. Johan's teacher is named Kikki - she's the one holding the sign that says D. He is in class 1D.

The first day only lasts for one hour, and the parents go into to the class with the kids. Gaute and I were so proud that Johan picked up the "raise your hand" thing right away. He's sitting next to his current best friend, Alexander.

Anders and Espen also had first days of school on August 21st. Espen started 6th grade, and Anders started 3rd grade. Now we have 3 kids at the same school!!


TRexALot said...

Look at those academic rockstars----Wow. They are so old now. 6th grade!?! Holy crap, where has the time gone?? It seems like just yesterday when I was holding wee baby Espen in my arms. They look so handsome----Women of Norway, BEWARE! Save yourselves while there is still time. It looks like Johan is at the top of the class, raising his hand and everything. I wonder, what did he actually say after he rose his hand? These are valuable details, ahem. Alexander looks like a cool guy. Kikki looks pretty cool, too. Anders is looking very stoic in the picture. 3rd grade is the gateway to the Big Time!!

Mom said...

Wow!..blindingly handsome..what a trio!!