Friday, September 15, 2006

Cross-eyed Espen

I'm pretty sure that anyone reading this already knows what has been going on with Espen this summer/fall. We are so happy that they haven't found anything seriously wrong with him.

But - they are going to have to do something about his eyes. He is still seeing double all of the time, and his left eye is still going in toward his nose, although that varies a little bit. The latest - we were at the hospital yesterday - is that they are going to operate on his eye. The have to "slacken" some of the muscles attached to his eye so that his eye goes back to where it should be. It's outpatient surgery, so hopefully it won't be too big of a deal. The bad thing is that since they don't know why Espen's eyes started going cross-eyed, they think he might have to have more than one surgery. The doctor called today and said that they want him to come in on Monday for an appointment with the surgeon and several other doctors. They are going to make the final arrangements for the surgery, and we will find out more about what they are going to do. He is apparently quite an unusual case, so we've had lots of different doctors looking at him.

I'll keep you posted.


TRexALot said...

Hang in there, Espen!! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Espen, you look great to me...handsome as ever! Thanks for getting back on, Jilly...I really enjoy your blogs! Love, Mom