Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Johan's Birthday

Yesterday was Johan's 10th birthday. True to tradition, we woke him up with the Happy Birthday song and a cinnamon roll with a candle on top.

Johan finally got what he has been waiting for for a long time - a "one-piece", a kind of jumpsuit made out of fleece with a zipper that goes all the way up the hood. He has been waiting for one of these since before summer vacation, and he was VERY happy when he finally got it yesterday :-).

After his birthday dinner of cheese tortellini, Bestemor and Bestefar came over for chocolate cake. Johan declared it one of his best birthdays ever!

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gramma janny said...

Very stylish, Johan !! I didn't realize it had a hood zipper !! Glad it was your best birthday ever, but I bet you'll have many more that are just as great !