Thursday, October 01, 2009


I feel like I need to write something here, I hope no one is upset by the fact that I'm doing it...

This evening, just as we were on our way out to T.F.I. Friday's to celebrate Espen's birthday, Josh called. He asked if I'd heard the news, and my heart dropped. Ryan, Tess's husband (the one you see in all of the wedding pictures I posted a few days ago), had an aneurysm in his aorta burst late Sunday night, and he died immediately.

I couldn't/can't believe it...Ryan wasn't even 30 years old. Strong and healthy.

When I got back from dinner, I got a hold of Tessy and talked to her. She sounded amazingly calm and collected. As she said, she may be in shock, but that's probably a good thing as it's helping her get through this week. It was really good to talk to her, and to hear that she was making it okay. My mom is up there, Keith has been there, and Bubba and Amanda have been there, too, in addition to Ryan's family and friends. It seems like she's getting a lot of support, which is great.

I feel really far away from everyone, and a bit sad that I didn't know anything about this until several days later. I realize that everyone has had more than enough to think about, but I've had this week off of work, and really think that I might have flown out. Not necessarily because I think anyone needed me to be there, but because I think I need to be there...

There will be a memorial service on the beach at sunset tomorrow evening. We will be thinking of you, Ryan, with love.

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Casey said...

I'm sorry you didn't hear earlier Jill. We discussed who was going to call you on Monday, but in the chaos, the ball obviously got dropped. My sincere apologizes.