Monday, April 14, 2008

Yesterday was a fun day! It was "Tourist in your own city" day, which meant that we could go down to the city hall and get a pass which gave us free admission to all museums in Oslo, plus free public transport. We wandered around downtown and went into a few museums. The kids don't get downtown very often, so they thought it was pretty cool. Then we walked over to the new opera house which just opened on Saturday. Yesterday it was open to the public and we got to walk around (and on) it. (That is not snow on the opera, by the way. It's made out of white marble.) It was incredibly expensive to build, but it is so cool!! You can walk all around on the roof and it goes straight down into the water. Here is a series of pictures of the opera, and here for pictures from the grand opening on Saturday.

Yesterday afternoon, Espen had another game, and he was captain once again! The weather was quite nice when the game began...

...but went downhill pretty fast.

But, the good news is that they won - 6-4! And Lyn won their game last night, too, and they are leading the series at the moment!

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