Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Soap Box Derby

On Sunday, the annual Nordberg Grand Prix, a soap box derby, was held. Our kids were there, of course, for this big event in our neighborhood. Anders and Johan had a car that they had worked on with Gaute, and Espen and two of his friends, Herman and Andreas, had a car that they had built. None of them were fastest, but everyone gets a prize for this race - a bag filled with lots of cool stuff, like a hat and a t-shirt, water bottle and lots of candy! All together, there were about 60 cars in the race. It's a pretty big event around here - and lots of fun. Unfortunately, Anders and Johan's car rolled over right after they went over the finish line. Just a few scratches, but kind of scary. They're over it, though, and are already talking about the improvements they'll make to the car before the race next year!

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grandma said...

Glad to hear Team Langaas was so well represented!