Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Poor little guy...

While I was at the grocery store this afternoon, my cart overflowing with organic food (I checked my bank balance before I went to the store and found out I had more money than I thought. I couldn't let that situation exist any longer), I got a phone call from Johan's preschool. He had just thrown up, and I needed to come and pick him up.

My first thought was not "poor Johan, I hope he's okay", but "shit, this really screws up my carefully-laid-plans". You see, tomorrow and the next day are the crazy days from hell. Tomorrow I have one of my mammoth 6-hour finals, which means that I am out of commision between 9 and 3. But, Korsvoll School has decided to have their before-school day tomorrow, of course, which means that Johan will go to the school and meet the rest of the kids in his class and his teacher. At the same time, there is a meeting for the parents. I LOVE stuff like that, and I am going to be stuck in a dumb room taking a dumb test. Gaute is going - but he will never be able to tell me what they said - "it went fine" is about all I'm expecting.

Last week, our neighbor, Astrid, died. We were all sad - she was a great lady and we will miss her. But she was 92, and she was doing really well until the day she died. She had a stroke, went into a coma and died a few hours later.

Back to our story - Astrid's funeral is tomorrow. So, after Gaute goes to that meeting at the school, he has to hightail it home, change into his suit, and go to the funeral. Then, when that is done, it's home again, back into regular clothes, and off to work (at this point, it'll probably be about 2 in the afternoon). Then Espen has a football game at 5, and then Anders has football practice at 6. At 8, I'm going to a meeting to plan Anders's summer program for his class. And, I don't even want to get into the day after tomorrow.

The stomach flu usually doesn't last long, right? Gotta go, he just threw up again...

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TRexALot said...

Poor Johan-----Hope he is feeling better! The stomach flu just, like, totally sucks. :o~~ (Emoticon is puking.)

Good luck with your final! I am so glad that American educational institutions are not nearly as thorough.

And---Going organic, eh? Try telling that to Granny aka WinCo. Hehehehe. When you come visit, I am taking you to Berkeley Bowl one day, I swear! And Mom is coming too!!

Oh---I looked at your delicious-----Shopping for a digital camera?? I just bought one!! IM my ass.